[CrackMonkey] Trip Magic Sex Computer

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Mon Aug 21 08:53:49 PDT 2000

begin  Alex Feinberg quotation of Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 08:28:35AM -0700:

> Unfortunately I have none that I can offer, but a good suggestion is
> obtaining a DEC Multia. These, I believe, already include video cards and
> sound cards and are about 160 mhz. They go as cheap as $99 and of course,
> they run Linux superbly. I believe they also include sound cards.

As cheap as $99?  What planet has people who will pay $99 for a Multia?
It would be worth it to send a space probe packing a shitload-o-Multias
to that planet.

Multias are cheaper than bottled water.

If you can netboot a bunch of Multias off your main box, Bob's your

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