[CrackMonkey] Trip Magic Sex Computer

George Moffitt zen at zork.net
Mon Aug 21 00:18:46 PDT 2000

begin  Mr . Bad quotation:
> P.P.P.S. Accepting loans of hardware and software. We need:
>         * monitors

	Is VGA okay?  I have one to get rid of, but it's kind of a
long way for it to travel.

>         * cheap-ass computers

	I can't bear to part with my 386 in this fashion, but would a
wack-assed proprietary PS/2 XT suffice?

>         * cheap-ass sound cards

	I have one in the original GeorgeBox (the aforementioned 386)
that will never do anything where it is, nor will I ever need it for
anything ever again.  Some cheap-as-shit unidentifiable SB16 clone.

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