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begin  Mr. Bad quotation:
> Humorous anecdote: I was waiting in line at my local Cala Foods Market
> (the offline market for bad people of all stripes) when I was accosted
> by a big-toothed, rail-thin drunk Englishman whose breath REEKED of
> cheap Cosmopolitans and socialist health care. He had a twelve pack of
> Sierra in one hand and a twelver of Red Hook in the other.
> Limey: "Rook at vat. 'Sall HELF FOO'! Yurrah HELFEY MA-AN."

begin Mr. Bad quotation:

> It is -very- difficult to use dialect spelling for a character's
> speech without painting them with the broad stereotypical brush that
> comes with that dialect. Some people can do it -- Faulkner, Mark Twain
> -- but it's a master work. The implication, when you make a character
> speak in pidgin, is that there's something "wrong" about the way they
> speak, and therefore there's something "wrong" with the character.

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