[CrackMonkey] spooky cryptography

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Thu Apr 27 11:23:45 PDT 2000

I am so sick of the desperate and pathetic ploys of PHYSICISTS to make
themselves appear useful.  I liken your (incredibly, incredibly,
redundantly, repetitively long) article to the following quote from the
fortune file.

 ***** Special AI Seminar (abstract)
 It has been widely recognized that AI programs require expert knowledge 
 in order to perform well in complex domains.  But knowledge alone is not
 sufficient for some applications; wisdom is needed as well.  Accordingly, 
 we have developed a new approach to artificial intelligence which we call 
 "wisdom engineering".  As a test of our ideas, we have written IMMANUEL, a 
 wisdom based system for the task domain of western philosophical thought.  
 IMMANUEL was supplied initially with 200 wisdom units which contained wisdom 
 about such elementary concepts as mind, matter, being, nothingness, and so 
 forth.  IMMANUEL was then allowed to run freely, guided by the heuristic 
 rules contained in its heterarchically organized meta wisdom base.  IMMANUEL 
 succeeded in rediscovering most of the important philosophical ideas developed 
 in western culture over the course of the last 25 centuries, including those 
 underlying Plato's theory of government, Kant's metaphysics, Nietzsche's theory
 of value, and Husserl's phenomenology.  In this seminar, we will describe 
 IMMANUEL's achievements and internal architecture.  We will also briefly 
 discuss our recent efforts to apply wisdom engineering to oil exploration.

I'm glad you found something to get excited about.  I can imagine you
practically wet your pants when you discovered this physics-``crypto''
thing which has basically nothing to do with cryptography except for a
purely hypothetical and as-yet impractical application into which they've
slammed their theory with a two-ton sledgehammer.  The rest of us all
heard about it five years ago, and said the same thing then that i'll say
now:  booooooring.

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