[CrackMonkey] Software is a shuck

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Thu Apr 20 15:17:11 PDT 2000


	That's right. Legally (according to the license agreement),
	you pay your money to buy something, and they take your money,
	but they don't sell you the software. The money you pay allows
	you to run the software (according to their rules) but that's
	all it entitles you to.  You don't buy software, you buy the
	right to use it. That's why trading warez is illegal. Not
	because you're giving away your property but, according to the
	software companies, it was never your property to give away in
	the first place. Is this fair? Let's look at what a license is
	exactly.  "License" means special permission granted from a
	body of authority to do something. What we have here is
	software companies seating themselves on a throne. They are so
	high and mighty, only they can give us special permission to
	use their software. This kind of practice can only lead to one
	thing: exclusions. What if Microsoft won't license Word to
	someone who writes pornography? What if Martha Stewart
	licensed her books only to those whose dinner parties she
	deemed hoity-toity enough? 

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