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You think he's flirting with me?

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From: "JOHNNY  OCHOA JR." <JINXX1 at prodigy.net>
Subject: pOWer BeHind LinUX.....
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 1980 00:34:25 -0600
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   ThEre IspOWer In ThE Open SoUrCe InTErnet WaVe.
   LINux NeEds DiRecTiOn..........LeADeR SHip ! !  ThEre Is pOWer IN
   LInux..... UN leash IT BefORe It IS To
   LaTE ! ! ! MiCRosOft Is GoING tO LeAD The WaY....LEt TheM ! ! ! ThEy
   ArE tHe LEaDerS in ThE Area THat
   LiNuX isTrYIng To BrEak INto. ThEre Is PoWer IN LiNUX But ThAT PoWER
   wILL Be unlEASHED wHen....ThErE Is A PrOpEr LeAdeR ! ! ! PoWer Is
   GIvEN tO tHOse WiTh LeAdeR SHip aND VisiON..
   oNE MusT gIVE tHe SoUL aNd IN ReTURn POWEr for LINUX WIl Rule ThE
   WoRlD COmMuNIcAtIons.
   LiNUX Must DIE iN oRdER FOR thiS TO HAppEN, aND FRom ThIS DeAth WiLL
   ArISE A POWerFULL LEader.......WoRLD cOmMUniCatION WiLL Then BE AT ITS
   PEak ! ! !    [1]JINXX1 at prodigy.net


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