[CrackMonkey] Ban Mr.Bad the Boastful Bigot

Craig McPherson craig at laceyonline.com
Sat Apr 15 13:00:23 PDT 2000

On Sat, Apr 15, 2000 at 12:26:36PM -0700, Mr. Bad wrote:
> Well, it's neither here nor there. I'm fully willing to take you at
> face value as the creepy jerkwater redneck you pretend to be. You're
> doing a good job at it.

I'm fully willing to take YOU at face value as the creepy jerkwater
redneck you pretend to be.  YOU're doing a half-arsed job of it,

> But seriously: do you really believe all the unpleasant White Pride
> bogosity you're spouting, or are you just playing the *part* of a
> reactionary fuck?

I'm not spouting ANY "white pride bogosity", YOU are the one who
started and is spouting all the white-pride racist garbage and it's
YOU who has insulted half the races on this bloody planet.

*rest of Mr.Bad's racist crap deleted*

I am reporting you to the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION for
the racial slurs you have used against the following races:

1.  Asians
2.  Africans
3.  Latin Americans
4.  Caucasians
5.  Jews

Great job, you've managed to insult almost every single person
in the WORLD!  Gee, you must have a LOT of friends.  I have copies
in the e-mails in which you insulted these races and made racial
slurs and insults against them, and I will be making sure that
any anti-defamation leauges represtening these races (and any others
that you've insulted) are informed of your actions.

At least, that's what I'd do if you were worth the trouble, but
I believe the best solution for hate-everyone racists like you
is to simply not listen to them and not give them the validation
they so terribly desire.

Therefore, I'm going to killfile you, and you'd better pray to
Darwin that I NEVER hear any hate-speech from you again.

One thing I will NOT tolerate in my mailbox is racism.  I don't
mean playful insults against friends (like I have engaged in),
I mean the seething, "I-know-I'm-better-than-everyone-else"
exclusionary deep-seated hatred for entire races of people, like
YOU practice as a religion.  You've CROSSED THE LINE.  I have
black, Jewish, and Asian friends in real life and I printed out
and shared some of your e-mails with them...

... and they're not happy with you.  You'd better watch your step.

Do not bother replying to this, as I'm procmailing any e-mail
from you to /dev/null.  If I get any more hate speech from ANYONE
ELSE on this mailing list, just once (I won't be giving them
the many, many chances that I gave you), they will be bound for
/dev/null also, and if I have to do that for more than three people
(I doubt I will, most people on this list don't seem to be the
ignorant bigots that you are), I will killfile THE ENTIRE LIST,
every last one of you, for associating with those people.  I will,
of course, continue to post to the list regularly, but I won't
taint myself with your moronic replies.  I have BETTER things to do.

Go back to Germany in 1941 where you might actually FIT IN.
This mailing list is an abomination, and world peace and unity
will NEVER EXIST while this list does.  Hope, for your sake,
that we don't meet again.

Craig McPherson
craig at laceyonline.com

The world's funniest joke:
"Memes are a hoax.  Tell all your friends!"

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