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Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Thu Apr 13 23:34:08 PDT 2000

On 13 Apr 2000, Mr. Bad wrote:

> Do you know any about Messicans?

Those giant containers of cranberry juice with the plastic strap-handle
near the lid can be called {Polish,Catholic,Mexican}-Family-Size,
depending on the situation.

'round here (Colorado) we don't take kindly to them Californians
overrunning the state just because they have enough money to live here.
The qualification to live somewhere is how long your family has been
living there, thus you are ``n-th generation Coloradan,'' sort of like you
once had sixty-four lines on your crest of nobility indicating your family
lineage can be traced back to ``good'' breeds for sixty-four generations.  
More than one or two lines of Coloradan Nobility requires displaying a
sticker or button for your car/bike/backpack that says ``native'' so that
the Community can identify your alleigance, not unlike a sort of modern
armband. Everyone else is part of a problem called ``growth,'' meaning
that certain undesireable people have the disrespectful yuppie audacity to
_move_ rather than staying in the same town their parents lived in all
their lives, and that when they move, they move to _places which are
desireable to live in_, which is just wrong and selfish, and causes Change
which is bad for the Environment, which ironically is undoubttedly why
They are coming here in the first place.  Not unlike that Emperor who
coveted something and then destroyed it or something like that, one would
think these Californians would think a little more before destroying the
very thing that drew them here.  We know what draws you here.  We're not
as dumb as you think.  It's a fad, right?  You Californians and your fads.
You destrictive little children.

But, Californians are selfish and short-sighted.  I've seen their cities
and their homes.  I for one buy recycled toilet paper, because I am a
proud Coloradan. Already we are having problems with water supply,
traffic, pollution, rent prices, public schools, and the nesting of the
wild goose owl, a Colorado indigenous species and a great pride of the
State.  Soon the goose owl will be endangered--haven't you Californians
done enough by killing all our Native American Klansmen without killing
the Goose Owl, too?  I mean you Crackmonkeys are great and all--i'm just
saying, stay put.  And stay out of Colorado.  We don't need any more of
you kind here--the economy is doing great as it is.  All you do is take
jobs, water, and a richly traditional way of life away from real
Coloradans who deserve to be here.  It's absurd.  Someone needs to pass a
law before our children pay for the consequences of our Community's
legislative negligence.

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