Dumb Racist Yankies (Re: [CrackMonkey] Re: 5cr1p7 k1dd135)

Craig McPherson craig at laceyonline.com
Thu Apr 13 18:57:29 PDT 2000

Your pathetic little facade is FAILING.  Your insecurities are showing
through.  You can't handle being faced with a voice of reason, so you
only hear what you WANT to hear. But I won't let you get away with that.
The cluetrain has arrived at this mailing list, and *I'M* the conductor.
And the train ain't leaving until we unload these crates of common sense
into your thick skulls.

YOU are the racist.  You support the rights of CERTAIN RACES to make
racist remarks (Mae Ling Mak has been making racist statements for
MONTHS), but you DENY others those same rights, even in retaliation.

Look up "racism" in the dictionary, and you will see YOUR behavior.
This is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: the majority is always wrong, except
for those "enlightened liberal" members of the majority who think
they're Darwin's gift to the world (because that's all they believe in,
other than themselves) and are entitled to determine just WHO can
be racist and who can't.

> ching-chong Chinaman


> break that part down for me?

No.  You are stupid.

> Cause from where I'm sitting, you're just
> a dumb racist redneck.

If you were sitting in the REAL WORLD, you'd see yourself
for what YOU really are: a dumb racist yankee.

Now, SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, and stop being DUMB.

> ~Mr. Bad

You lose at everything, don't you?

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