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Lukas Eklund leklund at flynn.zork.net
Thu Apr 13 14:24:40 PDT 2000

Quoting Craig McPherson:
> Did you know that the letters in "Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris" can
> be rearranged to spell "Rancidly bad hero killers" and "Cranky,
> horrible, idle lads"?

please, at least get some better anagrams than that. hmmm, lets see
what we can do with craig 'naked and petrified' mcpherson:

Oh Dear Me! dripping fanatic rednecks.
Fat rednecks deriding champion rape.
Charming, decrepit, deadpan foreskin.
Farm pinheaded, second-rate pricking.
Top-rank deriders defaming nice chap.
Oh Dear Me! refined pricks tap-dancing.
Is pig-faced, hard-core, permanent kind.
Hard-core, pedantic kingpin defamers.
Ape Shit! kind, pig-faced romancer nerd.
Prick pinheaded Germans fornicated.
Sickening, arch-foe and retarded pimp.

and while i'm at it, here are some crackmonkey anagrams:

crack ye monk; creamy knock; crank my coke; croak my neck

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