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Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Thu Apr 13 14:23:03 PDT 2000

On 13 Apr 2000, Mr. Bad wrote:

> 2) What's the matter with using scripts for hacking? It's a good idea!
> Do you have to write your own buffer-overflow programs for every hack
> you make?

And thank the good Lord Jesus they do, as I've survived several attacks to
neglected daemons I knew were flagrantly bug-ridden just because I do not
use Red Hat Linux (tm, sm, llc, plc, ltd, AG).  I happened to recomplie
with a barely newer version of gcc, or I used NetBSD, or the machine
happened to be SPARC v8 instead of crappy Wintel crap.

I swear, using notPeeCee's is better than using a firewall.  In practice.

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