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Craig McPherson craig at laceyonline.com
Thu Apr 13 07:35:22 PDT 2000


On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 05:36:17PM -0700, Mae Ling Mak wrote:
> Quoting Craig McPherson:
> > Wow, aren't *YOU* such a 31337 h4x0r d00d!!  You managed to find
> > a clearly visible public document that's been obsolete for over
> > a year!
> {i'm regretting the personal information i chmod 666'd}

Mae Ling Mak says:

{You know, I really should have stayed in China with all the Communists
and rice farmers.  These Americans are too smart for me.  Maybe if I
just act like a stupid jerk they'll think I'm cute, and overlook the
fact that I'm actually a moron.

Hey, it's working.}

> > 
> > May I WORSHIP you?
> > 
> {i'm getting defensive here....}

Mae Ling Mak says:

{Of course, the best place about America compared to China is that here
I can freely jerk off to pictures of Judge Judy without fear of being
shot, jailed, mutilated, or executed.

There's also a lot of lesbians here -- heh heh, heh heh}

> > I'm 19 now, and college was lame, so now I'm a professional network
> > administrator and technology supervisor, working 12+ hours/day.
> > And if, in my free time, after I get done berating any and all Crackmonkies
> > who need berating, I choose to browse some ASFR sites, sometimes the
> > newsgroup, and maybe #ASFR on IRC, is that anybody's business but my
> > own?
> > 
> {they made fun of me in college. now, i work all day to distract
> myself from how pathetic my life here in the ozarks actually is, then
> i wank to underage statue porn.}

Mae Ling Mak says:

{Hmm..... I wonder if Judge Judy might really be a lesbian??}

> > Don't go meddling in affairs you couldn't POSSIBLY understand,
> > little boy.
> > 
> {the return of the name calling i heard all through school into
> college leaves me feeling empty, wishing for a big gun.}

Mae Ling Mak says:

{Maybe I should move to Cuba.  I hear that it's just like China, so
I can get the refreshing experience of oppression and thought control,
AND they get Judge Judy there!  Heil Fuhrer Kastro!  Heil Kuba!}

> -- 
> "If you don't ask the right questions, every answer seems wrong."
> 					-Ani DiFranco
> 					"Hell Yeah"

Mae Ling Mak says:

{I'm really starting to regret screwing Brian Del Rizzo to get that
Maximum Linux job.  I know I need money in this evil white imperialist
society, but I COULD have screwed the editor of Linux Journal instead,
or continued being pimped by ESR... at least I would have kept some of

Ooops... time for Judge Judy!  Gotta go!}

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