[CrackMonkey] "Nasty, sharp, pointy teeth" indeed!

Emad El-Haraty elharaty at utdallas.edu
Wed Apr 12 22:41:33 PDT 2000

I guess craig has to stop doing that "stuff" with rabbits

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Deirdre Saoirse wrote:

> For fans of hemorrhagic viruses everywhere:
> The first US outbreak of Rabbit Calcivirus Disease (a hemorrhagic disease
> in rabbits) first reared its ugly head in 1984, but, until this month,
> there was no outbreak in the US.
> People have been comparing it to Marburg and Ebola, but it actually has a
> much higher death rate in rabbits: approximately 90%. (Marburg is 25% and
> Ebola is 66% to 90% depending on strain and method of introduction)
> However, it's an entirely different type of virus and is more related to
> things like Hepatitis E.
> While so far there's only been one outbreak in the US, it may be soon
> spreading to a rabbitry near you.
> http://www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/ceah/cei/rabbitcal.htm
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