[CrackMonkey] "Nasty, sharp, pointy teeth" indeed!

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre at deirdre.net
Wed Apr 12 22:32:43 PDT 2000

For fans of hemorrhagic viruses everywhere:

The first US outbreak of Rabbit Calcivirus Disease (a hemorrhagic disease
in rabbits) first reared its ugly head in 1984, but, until this month,
there was no outbreak in the US.

People have been comparing it to Marburg and Ebola, but it actually has a
much higher death rate in rabbits: approximately 90%. (Marburg is 25% and
Ebola is 66% to 90% depending on strain and method of introduction)
However, it's an entirely different type of virus and is more related to
things like Hepatitis E.

While so far there's only been one outbreak in the US, it may be soon
spreading to a rabbitry near you.


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