[CrackMonkey] More cracy Norwegians

Mr. Bad mr.bad at pigdog.org
Wed Apr 12 17:44:12 PDT 2000

>>>>> "CM" == Craig McPherson <craig at laceyonline.com> writes:

    RM> http://just.say.no/

    CM> Wow, a CLEVER DOMAIN NAME.  I've never seen one of THOSE
    CM> before.

That's sad, because there are a lot of them out there. Heh heh!

    CM> How CREATIVE.  What's next on Rick Moen's list of "r3411y k001
    CM> d0m41n n4m3zzz", http://goatse.cx/ ?  Only time will tell.

Indeed! Stay tuned for the next episode! Same crack time, same crack

~Mr. Bad

P.S. Rick, you misspelled "crazy." Unless that's supposed to be
"cracy," short for "democracy," or something.

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