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Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Wed Apr 12 08:35:22 PDT 2000

begin  Dylan Northrup quotation:
> > At least I know how to work my e-mail client properly so that people
> > will only receive one copy of a message.  
> Who the hell knows if a person is on a list or not?  Perhaps they're
> getting the mail from some sekret Bcc: list that some people add on
> to their Crackmonkey posts.  Simply assuming that you get message A
> that was sent to the list doesn't mean you'll get message B that was
> sent to the list. 

	Any secret Bcc list will not be carried over by a group reply.
The fact that you are quite obviously using PINE (what's BSF?) shows
what a weenie you are anyway.

> If someone doesn't have the clue to write a procmail recipe to
> filter out duplicates (or social engineer one from someone with a
> clue) deserves multiple copies.

	Erm, I use procmail to filter mail into separate inboxes.  I
don't want the FIRST copy of the mail to be the one that arrives--I
want the one that came from the list to be the one.  You see, I use
the mailing list manager software's headers to filter out mail that's
not directly to me into inboxes, as follows:

* ^Sender: owner-\/[^@]+

* ^X-BeenThere: \/[^@]+

* ^Delivered-To: mailing list \/[^@]+

* X-Mailing-List: <\/[^@]+

* X-Loop: \/[^@]+

	Now, if I were to cache message IDs and not allow duplicates,
my archives of the mailing lists would be incomplete, as all the lame
group-reply mail to threads I'm involved in would end up in my inbox
(since those messages reach me first).  As it is, I use my
monkeymaster address on this list in order to keep deirdre's
ham-fisted clumsy list replies out of my spool file.  (I filter out
monkeymaster separately, and even list it in places that harvest for

	Let's also not forget that this whole group-reply clumsiness
can lead to ridiculously bloated headers.  Why have a mailing list if
we can just group-reply a huge list of participants?  This HAS to

	Go get mutt.

	Figure out the list-reply function.

	Quit bitching to me about how it's my fault that you're
sending me two messages.

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