[CrackMonkey] burn. burn you ALL.

Mae Ling Mak spinster at moebius.digitalflock.org
Mon Apr 10 16:05:54 PDT 2000

Quoting Craig McPherson:
> Let's take a first step to salvaging as many of you human wastes
> as possible.  Please try this.  Even if you don't come to accept
> the truth, you'll at least feel happier about yourself.

you calling me human waste, hillbilly boy?

> If at all possible, have a non-lame loved one (I doubt any of you have
> such a thing, so pay a homeless guy to do this or something) beat you
> hard about the head with the largest cluestick you can afford.

it's clue-by-four, thank you.

go ahead, piss _me_ off. i'll have more than just homeless primary
vectors beating _you_ about more than the head.

"What's the big deal? Get over it. Relax... 
Just 'cause i do up in your face
What other people do behind your back..."
					-Ani DiFranco
					"Born a Lion"

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