[CrackMonkey] burn. burn you ALL.

Morgan J morgan at netizen.com.au
Mon Apr 10 18:57:11 PDT 2000

In article <20000410204841.A24741 at laceyonline.com>, Craig McPherson wrote:
>I don't like you.  Nobody does.  GET OFF THE LIST.

Oh.  I thought I was... curious.  I guess I'm just getting this
'unsubscribe' thing wrong.

I'd read the FAQ, but it makes no sense....

>Also note that as long as these lamers insist on sending a copy of
>replies to the original author AND to the list, (because they think
>it makes them look cool, when it really just makes them look stupid
>and results in a lot of junk mail), I will start sending THREE COPIES
>of replies to the original author and one to the list.  Suck it.

Could you send me four copies?  That way I'll have one to keep, one to
print out and stick to my fridge, one to delete and one to print one
very large letter at a time, so I can turn it into one of those
incredibly cool printshop banners!

Thank you for being so helpful - having spare copies of my messages
makes life so much easier!


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