[CrackMonkey] first Malbolge program written

Martin Pool mbp at linuxcare.com
Sun Apr 9 21:26:32 PDT 2000


# Malbolge was truly created with the idea that programming should be hard.
# It should be as close to the Infernal as a programming language possibly
# can be. It will continue to evolve over time, as newer, more twisted minds
# attack this problem.
# Named after Dante's Ninth Circle of Hell, Malbolge combines elements from
# machine language, INTERCAL (particularly the Tri-INTERCAL variant), and
# BrainF***, as well as completely new and exquistely painful constructs
# created by some of the most sophisticatedly twisted programming minds in
# existence today. (Whew, I'm starting to sound like a cross between Michael
# Moorcock and my Programming Languages professor--not a good combination.)

Two years after the language's release, somebody has managed to write
a program that generates `HEllO WORld'.

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