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Deirdre Saoirse deirdre at deirdre.net
Sun Apr 9 12:40:38 PDT 2000

[12:32:50]      Dev-T| apparently freemasonry is not uncommon among
clueless IT managers.
[12:33:15]  Goonybird| that's kinda the point of freemasonry.....

Since we've been having such fun, I thought I'd post pieces from a job
req (posted either to the Linuxchix jobs list or Systers, I forget
which, at the end of Feb). I don't think any comment is needed, though
ridicule is tempting:

"The Linuxcare Technical Operations and Infrastructure Department
combines the mission-critical services of mainstream IT with the
dynamism and innovation of the Open Source paradigm shift."


"Diversified technology skill set, enabling the candidate to be a "utility
player" participating in projects crossing functional areas. Ability to
successfully drive simultaneous deliverables. Eagerly and openly
participates in and facilitates an atmosphere of teamwork. People-oriented
self-starter with a strong customer-service ethic. Strong written and
verbal communication skills."

And if you had the last, would you apply?

Oops, I said I wouldn't ridicule. My bad.

I'm tempted to create a button though: "does not play with utilities."

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