[CrackMonkey] Unofficial Onetopia pre-flyer

Mae Ling Mak spinster at moebius.digitalflock.org
Sat Apr 8 10:45:02 PDT 2000

brooklyn gar hop?

Quoting Mr. Bad:
>         A               B               C
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Happy                   Trip            Core
> Ill                     Ambient         House
> Trip                    Dance           Hop
> Aggressive              Manchester      Goa
> Old                     New             School
> West Coast              House           Trance
> Deep                    Jungle          Drum & Bass
> Progressive             Hard            Techno
> Big                     Beat            Break
> Experimental            Gar             Bient
> Brooklyn                Hip             Style

"What's the big deal? Get over it. Relax... 
Just 'cause i do up in your face
What other people do behind your back..."
					-Ani DiFranco
					"Born a Lion"

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