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Fri Apr 7 22:13:29 PDT 2000

On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Monkey Master wrote:

> 	I think you'd better answer Evan's question quickly -- he
> could get FIRED!

I love the last paragraph of this one:

>  Hi,
>    I have been looking around for a mirroring program
> and have hit on jackpot by using this utility. But
> there is a problem which i cant figure out.
> We have a ftp server caled mailer in which i have
> login as 'rajil' and a password as 'past'  To use
> rsync i use rsync *rajil at mailer:
> but where do i put in my password. This returns
> permission denied. How do i give the password.
>                   Please respond urgently as i am
> stuck up and have to answer to my boss tomorrow.
>                                                Thanks
>                                                      Rajil

(Look, everybody laugh at the $ethnic!)


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