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Brian Behlendorf brian at collab.net
Fri Apr 7 21:11:57 PDT 2000

> > But now when I put the perl on the server with WS_FTP LE I get the
> > perl error "Evaluation Period Expired. Please Register This Software."
> > 
> > Please fix the Apache. It has to be done by tomorrow. I work for a big
> > company so you better do it fast!@

No problem.  Please wire transfer the amount of $1,199 (a full 20%
discount we grant to particularly clueful people such as yourself) to "The
Apache Fund to Enrich Certain Open Source Developers", er, I mean, "The
Apache Fund For Homeless and Wayward NT Systems Administrators", account
#6666666.67, and we will send you an *ABSOLUTELY FREE* key to unlock your
Apache installation.

Thank you, drive through.


(I'm sorry, I can't even begin to approach in humor the instructions on
how to unsubscribe in the FAQ)

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