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Michael Jennings mej at valinux.com
Thu Apr 6 14:32:56 PDT 2000

On Thursday, 06 April 2000, at 13:24:09 (-0700),
Don Marti wrote:

> The CSA never existed, any more than if I declared myself to be a
> citizen of my own new country.  It was a bunch of rebels on US
> territory.  The 14th Amendment calls it an "insurrection or
> rebellion."

Fine.  Call it whatever you want.  For a rebellion, it was quite
successful.  At least for a few years.  Just because not everyone
agrees on something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  They had a
constitution, a President, and a Congress, and these entities
functioned.  Sounds like a country to me.

Of course, the same thing couldn't happen today, but today is very

> And they run Apache on Linux, their flag is an ASCII image in alt
> tags (you _are_ using Lynx, aren't you?)

Oh please.  Using lynx for browsing is like driving a go-kart on 101.
Which you won't be doing for 2 years, starting tomorrow, right?

Go burn some GIF's.


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