[CrackMonkey] crazy german (was: CrackMonkey Subscribe Notification)

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Mon Apr 3 15:02:07 PDT 2000

Monkey Master <monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org> writes:
> > In fact the one who, at CeBIT, asked around about pigdog, and was
> > told he'd better look for crackmonkey as well ...
> 	You didn't by any chance speak with Duncan MacKinnon, did you?
> He told me there was a crazy german who was a big fan of pigdog.  

Pretty close. I just like "mad scientist" better than "crazy german".

Prior encounters:

- at the SuSE.com booth, a native of Oakland, whom I got interested
  in pigdog (remember, I knew very little about it) to the extent 
  that he decided he'd check it out when back at home.

- a fellow from VA Linux, at Goettingen on Thursday night,
  at a place called APEX, who'd go, like, "Utterly weird folks. 
  And there's this crackmonkey, too. Nothing I'd ever touch. 
  This crazy fellow at linuxcare might know ..."
  [which in the end, made me hit upon Duncan on Sunday -
  now who's that "crazy fellow"?]

>	I can only assume you found it through Der Spiegel(SP)?

No good (are you saying I could? "pigdog" => "0 Dokumente gefunden"). 

A little web search for bay area Linux (or was it Unix?)
had led me to the TNIPNAZ page, Linuxbierwanderung, etc.,
and made me wonder if Zeitgeist was a place like APEX or so
(I should have asked a certain Arthur "we're hiring" Tyde, 
on that same Sunday evening :-).

BTW, what still bothers me about Berkeley -
- how come the very first gas station I hit upon would have
  a box of DRUM cigarette tobacco on display (just like APEX)?
- what's the disgusting smell that DRUM tobacco consistently 
  had, when I bought it in Berkeley last fall - I had to switch 
  to SAMSON, which tasted just like normal (over here, the two
  brands are almost indistinguishable).


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