[crackmonkey] The Box

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Mon Mar 29 04:41:36 PST 1999

	OK folks.  This is a limited-time offer, so listen up:

	I just ripped the special sooper seekrit extra CD from my copy
of In Sides.  I took all 28 smegging minutes of The Box and put it
into high-quality 44 AttoHerz 128-GigaFLOPS MPEG Lamer-3 encoding.
You can download all day long from http://zork.net/box.mp3 and have
time to make a sandwich while you're at it.  This will fit in your
32MB rio and STILL leave room for your very favorite Monkees single.

	Go apeshit, kids.  Just mind the bandwidth here.

"The software is intended to be as unobtrusive, unintrusive and
unconstraining as possible.  In software as elsewhere, good
engineering is whatever gets the job done without calling attention to
itself." -- Cynbe ru Taren, on Citadel (http://zork.net/cit/citadel.txt)
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