[crackmonkey] why linux is not easy?? (fwd)

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Sun Mar 21 18:42:37 PST 1999

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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 19:40:58 +0100
From: lillo <agnello at ediset.it>
To: chris at dibona.com
Subject: why linux is not easy??

i have decided to write you to tell how much i'm disappointed of Linux o.s..
I'm a new user of Linux o.s. and i've observed that i can't install the 
most populars software like kde, gnome, scitext etc becouse i haven't the 
libraries that they asks.
I install always the newer kernel version. At moment i've 2.2.1 and gcc 2.9.
I can't too to compile many programs becouse the compiler return some error 
messages that says some variables are undefinited and stop the compilation.
Now i ask you a simple thing:
is this Linux o.s. and i don't able to install a software or to compile a 
program either is Linux wrong?
For me the first thing to do is to make easy the installation of software 
enclosing all the libraries the program need in the same program package
like do Windows 95/98 software. For me isn't possible don't to install a
becouse i haven't a library.
I hope for a your pawning and send you my greetings.

						jamesbiond at serradifalco.it

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