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Mon Mar 8 15:52:51 PST 1999


Swinehunde in Cyberspace 

	'Zine publishers have been citizens of paper and
snail-mail-based virtual communities for decades, so while the
technology that brings them together now on the Net may be new, many
of the concepts of virtual communities are old hat. One of the better
'zines that serves as a travelogue of Net trips is called Pigdog.
Issue 3 has a color photo of Frank Sinatra on the cover, but it's full
of news and opinion from the front lines of the Net - with a decidedly
weirdo bent. There's an essay on how commercial online services killed
BBS culture, and how that same culture has been resurrected within the
murky spaces of the Internet: MUDs, Usenet, gopher, ftp, and the World
Wide Web. Also lifted from the Net is some of the strangest "art"
you're likely to see in a 'zine. The latest issue also offers tips for
cracking the few remaining indie BBSes, music reviews, and the strange
sex habits of Leonard Nimoy. 

			    Jerod Pore 

Pigdog: US$5, US$22.50 (4 issues). T.  James Madison: 1563 Solano
Ave., Box 248, Berkeley, CA 94707, e-mail: tjames at netcom.com. 

"The software is intended to be as unobtrusive, unintrusive and
unconstraining as possible.  In software as elsewhere, good
engineering is whatever gets the job done without calling attention to
itself." -- Cynbe ru Taren, on Citadel (http://zork.net/cit/citadel.txt)
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