[crackmonkey] <big>Rick Moen</big>

Fiona the Hat alhambra at zork.net
Fri Oct 30 18:53:30 PST 1998

On Mon, 29 Oct 1998, Nick Moffitt wrote:

> > Are we discussing people's bottoms on this mailing list? Is there a
> > FAAQ?  (Frequently Asked Ass Questions)
> 	No, but as soon as we set the time warp back to the 20th
> century, we will begin a <big>Rick Moen</big> FAQ. 
> 	Question 1: Who is <big>Rick Moen</big>?

Question 2: Is <big>Rick Moen</big> a hat?

Question 3: Are those tags around <big>Rick Moen</big> the equivalents of
a hat box?

Question 4: Hypothetically, if one were to sit upon <big>Rick Moen</big>,
would one have to worry about crushing <big>Rick Moen</big> more than was
good for his brim?

Question 5: Ten gallons of _what_ can fit inside of <big>Rick Moen</big>?

Question 6: Were the Ecuadorean peasants that wove <big>Rick Moen</big>
from the rushes that grew out back behind their hut payed a living wage in
exchange for their labor knitting him?

Question 9 1/2: What's up with <big>Rick Moen</big> and

And if these aren't Frequently Asked Questions about him, boy oh boy, they
_should_ be.

Yours, Fiona
(A Hat)
fiona at zork.net
"All the world's a stage."--William Shakespeare

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